Meet the Photographer

Hi! I'm Vanessa, but you can call me Ness or Nessa. I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art with a degree in Graphic Design but have always had a passion for photography and seeing the world. I love giving photos to clients and seeing them so excited over them. Bringing a smile to others faces brings a smile to my own. 

I mostly do cosplay photography at conventions and locally but I'm always willing to travel to new places. I have also done engagement and maternity photo shoots as well.

Meet my Assistant

Meet Tyler. He's my assistant, husband and partner in crime. He tends to help with holding the reflector, posing, holding clients belongings if needed and just making the photo shoot an amazing time. He will be behind the camera from time to time as well, mostly for my own shoots or group shoots I'm in but does ask to run a shoot here and there for a client; as well as editing those photos.

"I've been doing cosplay since 2013. Photography was always a love of mine since elementary school and I always love meeting new people and learning about new fandoms" -Tyler